Pre-sale FAQ

Pre sale:

All of our items are available via pre order only, which means we only produce product orders that are placed. We do this in an effort to reduce waste and lessen negative impact on the environment. Once the pre-order window closes, our factory begins production. Your items are lovingly created and shipped out within a 10 day window. We thank you for supporting our sustainable business model and hope that our values are worth the wait.

There will be different items dropping each month, some items may be previewed or teased on our social media, but there will always be some surprise items.

The site will open at 8pm on the 2nd Sunday & last Sunday of each month, and sales will close 72 hours later / or when the limits are reached, whichever comes first.

We are limiting the amount of items we produce for two reasons; 1. We don’t want to overproduce anything and make thousands of unnecessary items and 2. We want to ensure that you receive an exclusive quality product and not a mass produced design

Once we release something, we typically do not remake or restock it. The drop date is most likely going to be the only time you can get your hands on that item. However, there may be a future occasion in which we re release a classic item or bestseller. Because we do get constant requests for certain items, and we’re not that mean. But as you know, limits are in place.


All items are shipped on a pre-order basis unless otherwise stated. This means that from the date of purchase it will take approximately 10-12 business days for your order to be shipped. We do this in an effort to reduce waste and only produce what is ordered. We appreciate your patience and support as we aim to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. Once your item has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email where you can track your order. All items are sent tracked.

If at any point have any questions, you can contact us at