Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health is such an important subject and often, people are afraid to discuss the topic. Here at The Lucky Club, we put positive thinking at the core of our company, and with mental health awareness week drawing to a close, we wanted to share a blog post by guest writer Olayka Mckay:


Me, myself and anxiety!

Throughout this week a few people have approached me and spoke to me about their anxiety. So, I thought I’d write a little about anxiety and the ways I control mine. 

The first step I took in order to get control over my anxiety is understanding where it stems from! Getting to know yourself and what triggers you is vital if you want to learn how to live life without the stresses of anxiety looming over you. For some people the idea of facing our inner self is the scariest thing of all but that thing that we constantly run away from is the very thing we need to face in order to stress less.

Don’t let an irrational fear stunt you on your path to happiness and freedom. Once you come to accept that you are the only person who can set your mind free, everything else just falls into place. 

Always remember that anxiety is a strong feeling of worry. Anxiety is what could or might happen. Anxiety is ‘what if’ and not what is actually happening. 

Another step is learning how to stop your thoughts when they’re spiralling off into a loop of negative thinking patterns. It’s something that I’m constantly working on and it can be hard, but when you prompt your own mind to think more positively the more benefits you feel, not only in your mind but your body and soul also. 

Last but not least - keeping active! It’s completely fine to lounge around all day and not want to communicate with the outside world, we all need time to ourselves. Time to reboot and relax. It only becomes a problem when you let the negative thoughts consume you, always try to stay active and get your happy endorphins flowing. Hit the gym or go on a short walk, but most of all just learn to fall completely in love with yourself!

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