International Women's Day 2018

Now this is a topic we can really get behind! Here at The Lucky Club we shout about what we believe in, and equality and recognition of women is at the top of the list. 

Today is the one dedicated day of the year that recognises and celebrates all women worldwide! We are inspired every day by the the women who have struggled and fought for equality for themselves and future generations. For us. 

The concept of The Lucky Club was born because our female Founder was tired of shopping on 'mens' clothing sites or collections, just because she wanted a cool T-shirt or oversized sweater. She found it pretty offensive that she had to click 'shop mens' to find the garments she wanted. And so The Lucky Club was born. You won't find Mens / Women's tabs on our site. Our clothes are gender free. Everyone is equal in our eyes. Wear whatever the hell you want, whoever you are, and express yourself to the fullest. 

Womens Day The Lucky Club

Now for a good cause...

You might have seen that with every purchase of our "Creator Tee" we donate £10 to the Princes Exchange Foundation in honour of the late Rebecca Joan Dykes. 

The foundation will have the aim of continuing Rebecca’s humanitarian and stabilisation work for refugees and other vulnerable communities, with a particular focus on women’s empowerment and preventing violence against women.

You can view the just giving page here