10k followers // A note from Our Founder

What an incredible journey it's been so far!

I started the brand in January 2018 after realising a gap in the market for unisex streetwear clothing. It was super important to me that people had access to clothing that they felt comfortable wearing, no matter their gender identity. I brought out a range of T shirts and quickly expanded to a full line of unisex apparel. I wanted to create clothing that made a bold statement with its designs too - the notion around a positive mindset and tapping into your own luck means a lot to me, and by the looks of it many other people too! The messages we receive daily spur me on to create more fun clothing for you all, and create a LUCKY CLUB community that we can all be a part of. I wanted to dig a little deeper and reveal the meanings and thoughts around certain items, slogans and reveal future plans for the brand:

The "Thoughts" tee

This is probably the most iconic T shirt that we've released as nearly 2 years after starting the brand, it's still a bestseller and gets so many comments online and in person! (in London, people actually ask about the T shirt on the tube, which is HUGE as Londoners notoriously don't speak to each other on transport). It fills me with joy that the T shirt has the influence to get people speaking and saying things like 'it made my day' or 'I needed this today'. 

The HEALTH T shirt 

The slogan 'to good health' is a reminder for people to look after their mental health. The T shirt reads: Connect, Be Active, Give to Others, Be Mindful, Stay Lucky. This is my personal mantra and I want people to remember that mental health is just as important as physical health, and that the stigma behind talking about it needs to be removed. 

The HUMANWEAR slogan

This is the slogan in our bio. It means what it says. Our clothing is to be worn by humans - all shapes, sizes, genders, races, nationalities, abilities, personalities, etc etc. I created the Lucky Club to be an inclusive community that people want to be part of - and this slogan is also a reminder that we are all part of the same club - the human race. We are all equal. 


So this is a huge announcement and I figure to celebrate us reaching 10k on Instagram, it's a good time to let you all in on the secret! 

In November 2019, we are opening a multi purpose venue in Mayfair, central London, called The Lucky Club. This will be a workspace, coffee house, cocktail bar and shop. The whole interior is influenced by The Lucky Club brand and themes of luck and positivity. We will have exclusive items for sale alongside some good vibes! There will be another official announcement soon for the launch event, which we will invite all of our followers to attend and come and party with us! Watch this space. 

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting The Lucky Club. It means so much to me because this is my life - my heart, my creative outlet, my reason to get out of bed in the morning, and my desire to create something good and lasting within the world. Without your continued support it wouldn't be possible. THANK YOU.


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